School Magazine

A.K. Ghosh Memorial School is an English medium school where English, Bengali and English are taught as languages. Hence, in such a school, the annual magazine plays a very important role. The annual magazine of the school, “SAMHITA’’ comes out towards the end of every academic session and given out to students. Students and teachers contribute articles in all the three languages taught in the school, besides photographs and sketches.



Excursions, both related to studies and amusement tours are held every year . Students take part in the outings, enjoy and gather experience. Teachers escort the students.


Drama & Debate Competition

Students take part in drama, debate and other co-curricular activities, organized both by the school and other organization. The school has a team of very talented teachers who help the students to manifest these creative areas.


Inter class Food ball Competition for Boys

Inter class Food ball Competition for boys is held every year before the commencement of the Puja Vacation. The champion team is awarded a trophy.


Annual Sports

The annual sport of the school is one of the most important events. All the students take part with extreme enthusiasm. Even the past pupils make it a point to come to the venue and take part in the sports meet.


Annual Function

The annual function of the school is held every year in a reputed auditorium in the city. The function is held for two days. One of the days is reserved exclusively for the guardians and invited guests while the students are allowed to witness the function on the other day. Teacher takes high interest and trained the students effectively.


Chess Competition

All students take part in chess competition organized by the school.